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Internet magazine provides the latest reports on the organic retail trade

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A new German-language magazine called was set up on the Internet in March 2003. The magazine has got off to a successful start and we are now thinking about a possible English version. In this connection we have a question for you at the end of this article. publishes news articles twice a week,basmax1.jpg with four to eight pictures for each article. Clicking the small pictures opens a large view. The new Internet service focuses on organic supermarkets in Germany (Photo: Basic Nuremberg) and Europe, plus other key themes for the organic retail food trade: what supply strategies are the manufacturers pursuing, the activities undertaken by the wholesale trade, what are the marketing strategies of the organic supermarket chains?

natcity5.jpgThe Internet site at has recently acquired a small sister called Bio-Markt.Info, which publishes news flashes from the organic industry almost daily. This page is opened automatically with a pop-up menu on accessing or can be accessed directly at (Photo: Naturata Cologne-City)

The organic industry is becoming increasinglydennree3.jpg professionalized. This needs more and more information, which this Internet portal provides. It has the latest information to offer, and not only on organic supermarkets. In the meanwhile over 100 articles with some 700 pictures, subscribers can read the news on new openings, store extensions, relocations and useful information from the organizational section. The organic industries in other European countries are also examined. Italy, Spain, France, Austria, Ireland, the Netherlands and Belgium have already been presented. There are around 20 articles that non-subscribers can read free. (Photo: Dennree Cologne)

vjstacafe.jpgThe subscribers not only include organic food stores and organic supermarkets, but also manufacturers of organic products and institutions. The pages are also interesting and important for newcomers, suppliers, wholesalers and journalists, who are informed by a monthly e-mail about recently published or about to be published articles. A years subscription costs 99 euro (incl. VAT). (Photo: Vier Jahreszeiten St. Augustin)

The magazine is rounded off by many free services:fhhd7.jpg small ads, job market for qualified organic personnel and events market can be used free by anyone. (Photo: Füllhorn Heidelberg) New products from the organic food and natural product manufacturers are presented in a database at Here consumers can call up all the essential information about the new product and subscribers to the online magazine receive additional information.

Alnatura Da Wein.jpgIf you are interested in reading other free articles, please click "nur kostenfreie Artikel auflisten" in the orange-coloured bar in the middle of the screen or "kostenfreie Artikel" on the upper left side. All the articles you can view without subscription are then listed. Even if you do not understand German, you can at least see the pictures and enlarge them by clicking. (Photo: Alnatura Darmstadt)

Now our question to you!

Are you also interested in such an Internet service ingerets3.jpg English? If yes, please let us know by e-mail. This would be a decision aid for us to determine if there would be sufficient subscribers for such an international organic magazine on the Internet. Your reply would not represent any commitment on your part, as we dont know yet when we will start, but it would enable us to determine roughly how many readers would be interested. The subscription price would be 50 - 100 euro per year, depending on the scope of the Internet magazine. A service based on reliably researched articles cannot be funded without a financial contribution by the readers.
(Photo: Dennree Discount Geretsried)

supnatbo3.jpg(Photo: Supernatural Bonn)


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